10-Year Strategic Vision and Goals

The Board is set to adopt an updated 10-Year Strategic Vision and Goals Plan at its May 21, 2019 meeting, at a special time of 6 p.m. The plan lays out several challenges that the District faces and details its commitment to meeting these challenges and maintaining the lowest sewer service charges in the Bay Area.

To maintain the District’s strong record of compliance with regional, state, and federal regulations and to continue its high standards of reliability, the plan commits to significant upgrades to its sewer collection system. These include identifying and replacing sewer pipes with structural defects and removing root intrusions throughout the system.

The strategic plan builds on the substantial progress made in addressing issues identified in prior plans. In FY 2017/18, the District replaced a record five miles of collection system pipe.

The 10-Year Strategic Plan also envisions sending a generation of employees into retirement without injury, responding well to new regulations, proactively communicating with the public, managing for the highest long-term value, and achieving further excellence in the wastewater industry.

The plan also addresses growing challenges related to reduced global demand for recycled material. Also included in the plan is a study to identify opportunities and costs for non-potable (non-drinking) recycled water projects, such as using treated wastewater for irrigation and industry.

Given the ever-changing environment, the strategic goals document will be updated again in 2021.

The Plan reflects our desire to improve our reliability and partner with our community to help improve the environment.