Oro Loma Wins California Award for Outstanding Capital Project of the Year

The Oro Loma and Castro Valley Sanitary Districts received the Outstanding Capital Project of the Year award from California Association of Sanitation Agencies (CASA) for the demonstration of the horizontal levee concept. The Horizontal Levee has been identified as one of the most promising responses to sea rise within the San Francisco Bay Area. The award recognized the project’s use of green, sustainable, and innovative technology.

The demonstration helps the public imagine what the leading response to sea rise might look like along the East Bay shoreline. Visitors can walk around the levee and observe the wildlife it attracts, as well as the diverse plant life. The District is now partnering with researchers at UC Berkeley to evaluate the water quality improvements and habitat created by the project. Preliminary
research results show that remaining nutrients and trace pharmaceuticals in the treated wastewater are removed as water passes through the levee structure. The final results will be used to inform future efforts and to improve the next version of the horizontal levee.

If you would like to see the levee in person, sign up for one of our regularly scheduled plant tours by going to www.OroLoma.org/tour or calling (510) 276-4700.