Cogeneration Engine Rebuild

The District has been energy neutral for the past eight years, thanks to energy efficiency improvements, a large solar array, and a cogeneration system that uses biomethane from the process to produce head and electricity. Our cogeneration engines have produced more than $20M worth of electricity over their 28-year life and are scheduled to remain in service for another six years. Our Maintenance Department’s expertise in maintaining and rehabilitating these engines helps keep our sewer rates and carbon footprint to a minimum.

A rebuild of the cogeneration engine is now underway. District Mechanics Rob Fletcher, Jeff Hansen, and Sam Lahey are leading the 2019 effort, with help from Peterson Power Systems of San Leandro. District staff have pre-ordered the parts and expect the cogeneration system to be back in service in five weeks. These rebuilds happen every six years and have doubled the life of the Oro Loma cogen system compared to the useful life of a typical system. Taking care of our existing equipment and planning for our future is part of how Oro Loma provides excellent service to our community.

Cogeneration engine being removed by crane for rehabilitation.