Collection System Ten-Year Plan

A ten-year plan to improve the health of the sewage collection system continues with four miles of pipe replaced in 2019.

Last year, the Board adopted a ten-year plan to improve the overall health of the 270 miles of District pipe that collects sewage and brings it to the treatment plant. In short, the Board set a policy to fix the system faster than it ages. Once the goal was established, the Engineering Department developed a way to measure the health of the system. The next steps were to prioritize the pipe system condition, estimate budget needs, and then prepare plans for the replacement of the pipes that needed it most.

New HDPE Pipes

In most cases, engineers specified a method of replacement called pipe bursting. Pipe bursting involves pulling a new HDPE (high density polyethylene) pipe through an existing vitrified clay pipe. In the process, the old pipe breaks around the new pipe. The end product is a new, watertight, and seamless pipe that is much more flexible and durable than the original clay pipe.

An additional 2.1 miles scheduled

In the past year, the District has rehabilitated 87 line segments, or four miles, of existing pipe. An additional 2.1 miles of sewer line is under construction.

A $25M project starts in 2020

Starting next year, $25M of additional rehabilitation is set to start. This will involve 16.7 miles of pipe and will take approximately three years to complete.

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