New Recycling, Organics, and Trash Carts

Here is a short Q&A to provide information on the new solid waste carts Oro Loma customers will receive April – August 2022.

New carts will be delivered April – August, 2022 on the day before your service day on a recycling week. Your old carts will be removed on your service day that same week.  When you receive the new carts, please put the old ones at the curb to be serviced and collected the following day.  Please do not pull them back.

All Oro Loma carts will be replaced – trash, recycling, and organics. Hayward Tri-Ced carts will not be replaced at this time.

Waste Management will use the carts in good condition in other areas. The carts that can’t be used will be recycled.


Senate Bill 1383 now requires standard colors in the State of California for solid waste carts – charcoal for trash, blue for recycling, and green for organics.

Along with the new carts, you will receive a guide that shows what you can put in each cart. You could also download the guide here. For more details, click here for the What Goes Where page.

The cart delivery crew will return to your area in two weeks, during your next recycling week.

Place your old carts at the curb for service on your collection day (the day after you receive your new carts).  The old carts will be serviced (emptied) and then removed later that day.

No, they are not compliant with the state law.

Oro Loma Sanitary District owns the new carts.

Call Waste Management at (510) 613-8710.

Call Waste Management at (510) 613-8710.

Hayward Tri-Ced recycling carts will not be replaced at this time.

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