In just one year, native plants have taken root and are thriving on Oro Loma’s horizontal levee. Save The Bay calls it, “One of our most successful projects ever.”

The plants look like they have been there for years. Save The Bay is the largest regional organization working to protect and restore San Francisco Bay. In February 2016, they transplanted the last of 70,000 native wetland plants and reeds to the District’s new horizontal levee. In only one year, the plants have established themselves and are flourishing.

Jesse Olson, Nursery Manager for Save The Bay, credits much of the project’s success to the extraordinary cooperation they have had with Oro Loma. In particular, she noted the District creating the onsite plant nursery, and its willingness to irrigate the plants once they were transplanted onto the slope.

The levee and an 8-million gallon holding basin behind it, will provide additional water-holding capacity during periods of heavy rain. The levee and the basin are designed to mimic nature’s ability to filter wastewater and protect the shoreline.