The cleaning crew leadman will position the truck within two feet of the manhole, on the downstream end of the sewer main being cleaned.

The hydro jetter holds 600-800 feet of hydro hose rated at 2,500 psi. Typically, a standard cleaning nozzle is used to clean the main (pictured). The hydro has a 1,500-gallon water tank and pumps at 65 gallons per minute.

Monthly, the cleaning crew receives a list of mains that need cleaning that month. The list also contains information about the main line’s history. Nozzles are changed as needed. Each hydro jetter is equipped with two hydraulic root saws and a variety of nozzles, including the warthog, Primus, and Bulldog nozzles (pictured).

In this case, a 10-inch hydraulic root-cutter is needed to properly clean the main.

The crew lowers the nozzle into the manhole channel and initiates the cleaning. The hydro hose will be pushed upstream using 1,200-1,500 psi of water, and will be retrieved using 700-900 psi of water. Debris is pulled towards the location of the crew, and then removed from the manhole.