The District is saving 58% on water usage while saving wear and tear on the sewer system.

The new CCTV van

The new CCTV van

Oro Loma is committed to continuous improvement and strives to provide the best possible service in the most efficient manner. This principle guided the decision made in 2014, when the Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) van needed to be replaced after 14 years in service. Once a new van with upgraded software and backup monitors was acquired, one question remained: What to do with the old van? The answer: Fix it and keep it in service!

What does a CCTV van do?

Oro Loma maintains 273 miles of underground sewer lines. CCTV cameras on tractors are used to remotely inspect those lines. It takes one van about two-and-a-half years to inspect all the lines.

Software allows operators to see and record the pipe’s condition as the tractor goes through the sewer lines. The information collected allows Oro Loma to design cost-effective
rehabilitation and replacement programs. Using CCTV causes very little wear and tear on the sewer system. Oro Loma also has a program to routinely clean sewer pipes using a
hydro jetter. A hydro jetter shoots water at very high pressure inside a sewer line. The equipment uses about 65 gallons of water a minute. A hydraulic root cutter might also be used to cut roots from inside the pipe.

A hydro jetter does a great job cleaning pipes, but it also uses a lot of water and puts wear and tear on the system. Was it possible that some lines were being cleaned that did not need immediate cleaning? Could the District maintain the highest standard of system maintenance while still saving water and money? Yes!

Using the old van allows Oro Loma to save water and money.

With two CCTV vans, the District is able to inspect lines more often and perform targeted cleaning. By pipe-inspecting and only cleaning those pipes that needed it, the District saved 1,459,436 gallons of water in 2016. In addition, by not putting unnecessary stress on the sewer system, Oro Loma is extending the life of the pipes that carry wastewater.