Peter Rodrigues

Peter Rodrigues’ first day on the job as Collection System Worker for Oro Loma was January 16, 2018. He had been planning for that day for four years.

While working for the City of Stockton, Pete researched sanitary districts. He wanted to know which was best-run, which offered the best working environment, and where he would be able to contribute and be recognized for his contributions. He wanted to find the place where he would be happy to stay until he retired. That place, he discovered, was Oro Loma Sanitary District.

To prepare for his new position, Pete studied for and acquired a Class A driver’s
license from the California DMV. This enabled him to operate the large trucks needed for maintaining sewer lines. He also acquired a Grade I Certificate in Collection System Maintenance from the California Water Environment Association (CWEA).

You may see Pete operating one of those big maintenance trucks. Whatever he is doing on his new job, he’ll probably be smiling.