Oro Loma Sanitary District Plant Chemist Sara Burke collaborated on this issue of Clean Water Magazine, the official publication of the California Water Environment Association (CWEA). Sara served as guest editor of the first ever lab edition of the magazine, which focused on proposed changes in lab regulations.    

As the Plant Chemist at Oro Loma, it is my job to provide sampling and analysis of the wastewater as it travels through the plant. I run many tests in the lab, and the Oro Loma staff uses the results to run the plant the best way possible. In the lab, I follow regulations set forth the by the State. That being said, the State is currently updating the lab regulations, which will change some aspects of our work.

In part because I served as Chair of the CWEA State Lab Committee, I was asked to recommend a guest editor for the first ever lab edition of Clean Water. Having once worked for a newspaper, I eagerly volunteered. Our editorial focus was on evaluating the proposed updated State regulations from many perspectives. We reached out to our ideal content writers — the leaders in the wastewater lab community — and they all agreed to participate.

What you are about to read is the culmination of our efforts. Enjoy!

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