San Lorenzo, CA, May 21, 2020 — This week, the Oro Loma Sanitary District will commemorate the second annual Special Districts Week, a statewide event designed to encourage residents from California’s 2,000 special districts to be involved in their community and civically engaged with their local government.

In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s observance also provides an opportunity for communities to learn about the many ways their special districts have gone above and beyond to meet the specific needs of the communities they call home. Oro Loma Sanitary District is one of a number of special districts in Alameda County, including Castro Valley Sanitary District, AC Transit District, Alameda County Fire Department, East Bay Municipal Utility District, East Bay Regional Park District, and Eden Health District, who have been working to provide essential services to our community during this pandemic.

At Oro Loma, workers volunteered to stagger shifts by working nights and weekends to maximize social distancing to allow safe performance of all essential work. Our collections system crew continues sewer cleaning for high frequency lines (pipes with known grease or root issues) and has maintained a 24/7 response to sewer emergencies and customer sewer backup issues. Our operators have continued their 24/7 operations of the District’s sewage treatment plant and biosolids drying. Our lab chemist continues to perform all compliance and operational support analysis to help continue producing high quality effluent. Our mechanics continue to perform preventive maintenance to insure reliable operation. Our engineering staff has continued to provide inspections and support for private contractors and those working on main sewer lines.

Board President Daniel Walters stated, “These are just some of the important steps that Oro Loma has taken to ensure that our services, which are vital to the health and well-being of our community, continue even under difficult circumstances.”

Special District’s Week is sponsored by The California Special Districts Association (CSDA), which is a statewide association representing over 1,000 special districts and affiliate organizations throughout the state. Special districts are local government entities created by a community’s residents, funded by those residents, and overseen by those residents, to provide specialized services and infrastructure.

Since 1911, Oro Loma Sanitary District has provided wastewater collection and treatment services, along with residential and commercial solid waste and recycling services, to its customers. Visit our website to learn more.


Contact: Jason Warner
General Manager