San Lorenzo, Calif., January 15, 2020 – It is with great sadness that Oro Loma Sanitary District announces the passing of former Board Member and longtime San Leandro resident Howard W. Kerr. Former Director Kerr passed away peacefully on January 2, 2020 at the age of 96.

Dedicated to public service, Kerr dutifully served on the Oro Loma Sanitary District Board of Directors from 1986 to 2015. During his 29 years with the District, he was a dedicated and active member of numerous committees and ably served as Board President, Vice President, and Secretary for multiple terms.

“Director Kerr was part of a significant transformation in Oro Loma Sanitary District’s history,” said General Manager Jason Warner.  “When he first entered office in 1986, the District was barely meeting its treatment requirements, safety was lacking, and rates were headed higher. During Director Kerr’s time on the Board, Oro Loma paid off all debt, lowered staffing by 36%, achieved energy neutrality by producing its own renewable power, and gained recognition for offering the lowest known sewer service rates in California.  During that time, significant investments were also made to rebuild the treatment facility and increase safety.

Warner continued, ”Director Kerr was famous for praising employees and stating how proud he was of the work they did. He worked with the Board to establish high standards and the employees rose to meet them. Oro Loma’s success today is due, in part, to his legacy with the District. Oro Loma has operated 13 years with a perfect compliance record, has been awarded two national awards for its safety program, and continues to invest in its infrastructure so it can continue to provide reliable and high-quality service to the next generation.”

Kerr’s education at the University of California, Davis and Los Angeles, many years of experience working for the City of Oakland Public Health Department, and tenure as Vice-Mayor and Councilmember of the City of San Leandro provided him with a strong background for contributing to policy decisions at the District.

Director Kerr will be missed by his fellow Board members, District staff, and the community he faithfully served. He will be remembered for his many contributions to Oro Loma’s success, his honest representation to the public, and his love for the community.

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Jason Warner, General Manager, 510-276-4700