Putting the wrong things in your recycling container contaminates the whole load.

Why recycle?

Recycling saves: Natural resources; energy; clean air and water; space in landfill. Recycling also creates jobs by supporting manufacturers who use recycled material.

How to recycle right

Putting items in the recycling container that don’t belong there contaminates the container. If the recycling cart has too much trash in it, it can’t be recycled at all and is landfilled. Help reduce recycling contamination by knowing what goes where—recycling, organics, and trash— and putting it there.  Always put your recyclables directly into your recycling cart. Never put your recyclables in a bag.

Learn more recycling tips

Both the oroloma.org and resource.stopwaste.org websites have great recycling tips.

Congrats to the Oro Loma Community

State law requires jurisdictions to recycle at least 50% of what would otherwise go to landfill. For the past two years, Oro Loma’s diversion rate has been 88%.

Flimsy plastics go in the trash.

No need to clean empty jars before recycling.

don't bag recycling

Don’t bag recyclables!