Recycling is having a bit of a wake-up call. Until this year, two thirds of the materials collected from curbside recycling carts were exported to foreign markets. Recent changes in China’s acceptance of mixed plastics and mixed paper mean fewer places to recycle these materials. It’s a problem affecting communities across the U.S., Europe and Australia.

While haulers explore long-term solutions for recycling, residents and businesses should continue to recycle and focus on reducing waste overall and making sure that the materials we recycle have the highest value:

Use Less Paper and Plastic

  • Reduce and reuse come before recycling. The less waste we generate in the first place, the less of it we need to manage.
  • Visit for tips on using less.

Keep It Clean

  • Only place allowable materials in your recycling and green waste (organics) carts.
  • Recycling cart: Items should be empty, clean, dry, and free of food and liquids.
  • Green waste (organics) cart: No plastic, glass, or metal should ever go in the green waste (organics0 cart—quality compost starts with yard trimmings and food scraps.

We have worked together with our community for many years to instill good recycling habits among residents and businesses. It is now time to redouble our efforts and build on our past successes.