Oro Loma Director Roland J. Dias Retires

After 25 years, Director Ron Dias will retire from Oro Loma in April 2018. During his tenure on the Board, Director Dias used his financial expertise gained as an executive of Pacific Bell to help turn the District into a high-performing organization.

Today, the District has no debt. A 2006 $34M upgrade to the treatment plant and a trust to fund retiree benefits were financed through savings. In addition, the District continues to invest in infrastructure, while continuing to have the lowest sewer service charges in California.

Mr. Dias is famous for thoroughly researching projects that come before the Board and asking the tough questions. During the plant upgrade project in 2006, Director Dias obtained a college textbook on wastewater engineering so he could better understand the planned project.

Under his leadership, the District achieved extraordinary success. It achieved multiple years of zero sewer overflows, ongoing treatment compliance, an award-winning safety program, and production of enough green energy to zero out the treatment plant’s energy bill. As the District continues to invest in pipes, pumps, and equipment, the next generation of rate payers will continue to enjoy reliable and responsive service.

In 2017, Ron Dias and the Oro Loma Board were awarded the Bay Hero award by the SF Bay Institute for their leadership and support of the Horizontal Levee Project.

As Ron Dias aptly said, “My focus has always been to provide the best service at the lowest possible cost. I am pleased that my fellow Board members set very high goals and that the employees were successful in exceeding them.”

Director Dias helps break ground on the Oro Loma plant upgrade project.