Thank you for participating in the Oro Loma 2018 Schools Outreach Project!

Students were recognized at the Oro Loma Open House on May 5, 2018, where the Sanitary Board presented each student with a certificate and gift card, Student entries were chosen at random from responsive entries in each grade. The full list of students by grade is included below.

View the “In My Own Words” award ceremony gallery here!


Student Name School
Andrew Wu Grant Elementary School
Lizeth Uribe Bay Elementary School
Natalie Yang Dayton Elementary School
Nahelani Puller Lighthouse Christian Academy
Erin Faith Castro Grant Elementary School
Milcah Binyam Lighthouse Christian Academy
Khloe Catamco Grant Elementary School
John Michael Strasburger Woodroe Woods School
Megan Vuu Bay Elementary School
Aime Sterling Bay Elementary School

First Grade

Student Name School
Mia Belle Ramirez Corvallis Elementary School
Evan Teneza Dayton Elementary School
Emiliano Ortiz Gutierrez St. John School
Andres Catalan St. John School
Noah Alshraideh Lea’s Christian School
Aaliyah Isabella Mendoza Lorenzo Manor Elementary School
Jalon Murchison Hesperian Elementary School
Jax Herrera Lighthouse Christian Academy
Leonardo M. Aguirre St. John School
Christopher Yu Dayton Elementary School

Second Grade

Student Name School
Catlea Crisologo St. John School
Andrea Arellano St. John School
Angelene Chen Lea’s Christian School
Ethan Acayan Dayton Elementary School
Vivian Topete Cabrera Thomas Jefferson Elementary School
Alexys Casillas Colonial Acres Elementary School
Destiny Castro Colonial Acres Elementary School
Kylie Lai Grant Elementary School
Natalie Tesorero St. Felicitas School
Isabella Vazquez St. Joachim School

Third Grade

Student Name School
Jayden Yamsuan Bay Elementary School
Ilyanna Brinas St. Joachim School
Kaylyne Wong-Many St. Joachim School
Merlo Borowska St. Felicitas School
Ariel Kelly Bay Elementary School
Joseph Arevalo Brandon Thomas Jefferson Elementary School
Jacob Chan St. Felicitas School
Jaiden Yee Dayton Elementary School
Alexis Le-Rabago St. Felicitas School
Yaretzi Cortez Hillside Elementary School

Fourth Grade

Student Name School
Madeline Almonte Armas Colonial Acres Elementary School
Emily Vuong Dayton Elementary School
Elisha Escueta St. Joachim School
Julian Wolf Dayton Elementary School
Cara Dunlea Assumption School
Robert Anthony Rufino, Jr. Dayton Elementary School
Natalie Villa Colonial Acres Elementary School
Alexa P. Adutwum Dayton Elementary School
Adrian Navarro Bay Elementary School
Bon Nguyen Bay Elementary School

Fifth Grade

Student Name School
Chaz Jackson Del Rey Elementary School
Nia Lacy Lopez Del Rey Elementary School
Maliya Munoz Lorenzo Manor Elementary School
Athena Walker Bay Elementary School
Brooklyn Dela Torre Dayton Elementary School
Karla Avendano Hesperian Elementary School
Miranda Robles Dayton Elementary School
California Weed Grant Elementary School
Derick Zion Hubbard Grant Elementary School
Bella Ren Kipp Summit Academy

Six Grade

Student Name School
Suki Sun Washington Manor Middle School
Kristie Y. Miou Washington Manor Middle School
Izabelle Cuevas Washington Manor Middle School
Andy Truong Washington Manor Middle School
Makena Wijangco St. Felicitas School
Ajay Abastilla Bohannon Middle School
Jackson Daniel Strange Redwood Christian School
Kayla Chuong Assumption School
Kenji Dorado Assumption School
Teresa Ayala Leon Kipp Summit Academy

Seventh Grade

Student Name School
Jessica Rose Vicera Washington Manor Middle School
Ana Paredes St. John School
Mechelle Goulart St. John School
Autumn Burris Bohannon Middle School
Francesca B. Meraz St. Joachim School
Samantha Alvarez St. Joachim School
Milo Amarante St. John School
Gavin Martinez St. Joachim School
Omar Robles Bohannon Middle School
Andrea Perez St. Joachim School
Eighth Grade
Student Name School
Brandon Alec Covarrabias Redwood Christian
Juliana Encinas St. Felicitas School
Ella Shanks Redwood Christian School
Tatiana Rodriguez Bohannon Middle School
Xena Pascual Bohannon Middle School
Julian Casillas Edendale Middle School/DICE
Trinity Jack Bohannon Middle School
Alyssa Orantes Bohannon Middle School
Mia Ramirez Lighthouse Christian Academy
Alyssa Masis Redwood Christian School

Ninth Grade

Student Name School
Mansabel G. Gil San Leandro High School
Matthew Ta Arroyo High School
Ian Beyeo San Leandro High School
Taryn Carr San Leandro High School
Olivia Dillard San Lorenzo High School/DICE
Michelle Ballesteros San Lorenzo High School
Diego Huerta San Lorenzo High School
Jakeem Amar Harper Green James Baldwin Academy
Anna Simon Lighthouse Christian Academy
Alex Chicas San Leandro High School

Tenth Grade

Student Name School
Fernando Herrera San Lorenzo High School
Katy Trieu Kipp King Collegiate High School
Kellie Le San Leandro High School
Blain Engeda Arroyo High School
Sara Gallegos Kipp King Collegiate High School
Kennedy Henselmann San Leandro High School
Vivian Liu Arroyo High School
Andrea Marie Lomeli Dam Arroyo High School
Flora Zeng Arroyo High School
Susana Gonzalez San Lorenzo High School

Eleventh Grade

Student Name School
Cyndy Flores San Lorenzo High School
Leanne Iryl Espinosa Arroyo High School
Jake Liebler San Leandro High School
Victoria Romero Ramos San Lorenzo High School/DICE
Heydi Lopez San Leandro High School
Ophelia Zhu Kipp King Collegiate High School
Esteban Valdivia Lighthouse Christian Academy
Johana Morado Rico San Lorenzo High School
Gabriela Hernandez Royal Sunset High School/DICE
Entidham Qaraah San Lorenzo High School/DICE

Twelfth Grade

Student Name School
Maria Villasenor San Lorenzo High School
Micaella Sanchez Arroyo High School
Jordan Popejoy San Lorenzo High School/DICE
Michael Huang Arroyo High School
Idania Herrera San Lorenzo High School
Meiyi Yu Kipp King Collegiate High School
Akela Andrews Royal Sunset High School
Katya Alarcon San Leandro High School
Steven Diep Kipp King Collegiate High School
Lily Secevey San Leandro High School