Never Flush These Items Down the Toilet!

Always think before flushing anything down the toilet that can cause sewer backups or blockages. Throwing anything other than toilet paper down the drains can cause sanitary sewer overflows and severely impacts your plumbing system, the District’s sewer system, and our beautiful San Francisco Bay.

These Things Can Make Your Sewer Back Up!

  • Disposable wipes (NEVER flushable)

  • Paper towels & facial tissue

  • Tampons, applicators & sanitary pads

  • Bandages & sticker backs

  • Ear cleaners & makeup pads

  • Hair

  • Kitty litter

  • Dental floss

  • Prescription drugs & medications

  • Whitening strips & wrappers

  • Condoms & wrappers

Baby Wipes

dont flush baby wipes

‘Flushable’ Wipes

dont flush flushable wipes

Applicators, & Pads

dont flush tampons and pads

Dental Floss

dont flush dental floss

Kitty Litter

dont flush kitty litter

& OTC Medications

dont flush prescription or OTC medications

Bandages & Sticker Backs

dont flush bandages and stickers


dont flush hair

& their Wrappers

dont flush condoms wrapperd

Q-tips & Make-up Pads

dont flush q-tips

Cleaning Wipes

dont flush cleaning wipes

Whitening Strips
& their Wrappers

dont flush teeth whitening