Why Recycle Right?

Our recycling programs are designed to manage specific items such as bottles, cans, paper, and cardboard. Putting other items in the recycling container contaminates it. If the recycling container has too much trash in it, it can’t be recycled at all, and is landfilled!  You can help reduce recycling contamination by knowing what goes where –  recycling, organics and trash – and putting it there.

Get to Know What Goes Where!

Take our fun online recycling quiz and become a Recycling Hero!


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Top 4 Recycling Tips!

Trash Flimsy Plastics!

Plastic wrap and plastic shopping bags contaminate recycling and damage sorting equipment.

Reuse and Reduce

Donate or repurpose clothing, toys and housewares whenever possible.

Empty Jars and Containers!

When recycling jars and containers. No need to clean and dry them. Yay.

No Bagged Recyclables!

don't bag recycling

Recyclables in plastic bags can’t be handled by sorting equipment, so the recycling goes in the landfill with the trash. Not good!

What Goes Where?

Trash, Recycling or Organics?

Keeping trash out of your recycling reduces recycling contamination. Use this handy guide to see what things go in each container. This simple step reduces recycling costs and what is landfilled. Questions about about disposing of other household contaminants or used motor oil?  Click here.

Bulky Waste Pickup info >
Visit RecycleWhere Website
Household Hazardous Waste Info >
Visit StopWaste Website
resource - Alameda County's online guide for reuse, repair, and recycling

How to Recycle Tips

Duration: 38 seconds

Reducing waste and recycling whenever possible is good for our community and the environment. Always put clean and dry glass and aluminum in the recycling bin. This video covers what is recyclable and other helpful recycling tips.

Recyclables and Compostables: Think Before You Toss!

Duration: 15 seconds

Oro Loma Sanitary District says Think Before You Toss! Put recyclables – like bottles and cans – in the recycling bin and compostables – like food scraps and grass trimmings – in the green bin. Let’s all reduce what goes into the landfill.

Important Numbers

(510) 276-4700 Oro Loma Sanitary District Office 24/7 Emergency Response

(510) 613-8710 Waste Management of Alameda County

(877) STOPWASTE Alameda County Recycling Hotline

(800) 606-6606 Alameda County Household Hazardous Waste

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