New 2019 Schools Outreach Project

Students throughout the District responded to the Oro Loma 2018 Schools Outreach Project by telling us why they thought recycling was important. The 2019 project continues the District’s long history of supporting students and schools throughout Oro Loma by recognizing students who thoughtfully complete the phrase, “I reduce waste at home when I…”

The period for submissions will be February 19-March 22, 2019. Detailed information on the project will be posted on

New Home for the Native Plant Nursery

To make room for construction of the new nutrient removal project, the Save The Bay’s native plant nursery has been relocated to another area of the Oro Loma facility.

Oro Loma staff used heavy equipment to help move the native plant beds to an area adjacent to the horizontal levee, and Waste Management donated compost locally crafted from the community’s green waste and food scraps to ensure the plants got a good start in their new home. A video of the move and a gallery of photos is available at