Solid Waste Rates

The Board adopted new solid waste
rates on August 4, 2020, following a
public hearing. The effective date for
the new rates is September 1, 2020.
The District’s agreement with Waste Management provides for annual solid waste rate adjustments for customers, based on factors that include cost of
living and benefit adjustments tied to Waste Management’s labor contracts.
For 2020-2021, an additional component was added—an adjustment to contract fees to fund solid waste program changes required by the implementation of SB 1383. The 2020-2021 rate increase was 6.27%. The rate for a single-family residential customer in the Unicorporated Area of the District with a 35-gal trash cart is $19.97/ month (from $18.79/month, a $1.18/ month increase). The rates for residential recycling and green waste services remain unchanged at $4.60/month.