Improving Your Sewer System

We are in the midst of a major infrastructure program to replace 40 miles of Oro Loma Sanitary District sewer infrastructure. Thank you for all your support and patience as we replace and repair the sewer lines in our district.

Much of the infrastructure throughout our district has been in place for over 70 years and now requires repairs and replacement.

The District and our Board of Directors have embarked on a proactive goal to replace 40 miles of sewer line infrastructure in the next 10 years. This is a major infrastructure upgrade for our customers.

When the work crew arrives in your neighborhood, the first step is to disconnect your house sewer lateral from the main sewer pipe we are replacing.  Next, the crew will move on to pipebursting, a very quick and efficient way to replace sewer pipes. Last, after the new main pipe has been installed and tested, we reconnect your lateral pipe from your house to the main, patch any holes in the street, and move on to the next worksite.


All residences on a street where construction is scheduled to take place will receive door hangers prior to the construction crew’s arrival. The door hangers will provide related information.

We try to minimize the disruption as much as possible. Our contractors notify residences in advance and there won’t be any service interruptions. We’ll help you maintain access to your driveways and your residences. When we’re done, we’ll restore the site back to its original condition.

Once the new sewer main is installed, a very important part of our process is inspecting the new lateral connection to your home.  Part of the reason this is exciting is we’re able to improve our community even though you may not be able to see it.

Please call (510) 276-4700 and an Oro Loma representative will assist you.

As industry leaders, we are very proud of this program and what it means to the public. Our mission is to provide the highest value to our customers and protect the San Francisco Bay and our communities.

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