Mission Statement

“We are here for you.”

Department Description and Purpose

The Maintenance Department provides equipment repair and maintenance services, including electrical instrumentation, process control, and mechanical & electrical services for treatment plant operations, collection system lift stations facilities, vehicles, buildings, and a 720 kilowatt cogeneration and emergency generator facilities. Additionally, the department maintains an on-site pump station and recycled water facility owned by East Bay Dischargers Authority. The Maintenance Department also manages and/or builds small capital improvement projects.


Ten authorized positions for FY 2013-14 and FY 2014-15

10-Year Strategic Goals

  • Zero lost time accidents in all years and zero reportable injury years (3 out 10 years).
  • Zero lift station overflows.
  • Zero permit violations due to equipment failures.
  • Maintain average monthly backlog to under 25% of the current month’s output.
  • Maintain 95% annual uptime on cogeneration system.
  • Maintain lift station contingency plan and provide training to allow 90 minute response and bypass at all remote sites.

Performance Measures and Results

  • Maintain zero lift station overflows or effluent violations due to equipment or instrumentation failures.
  • Ensure that department expenses do not exceed the adopted budget.
  • Manage departmental expenses within budget.

Important Numbers

(510) 276-4700 Oro Loma Sanitary District Office 24/7 Emergency Response

(510) 613-8710 Waste Management of Alameda County

(877) STOPWASTE Alameda County Recycling Hotline

(800) 606-6606 Alameda County Household Hazardous Waste

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