Sewer Cleaning Schedule Lists

The Collection Department’s sewer cleaning schedules are broken down into routine lists and high frequency lists:

Routine List

The routine list represents approximately 50,000 feet of sewer main that is needed to be cleaned each and every month to ensure the entire collection system is cleaned every 30 months. This list is done systematically starting at the top (most upstream) end of a drainage basin and working all mains down stream towards the Treatment Plant.

High Frequency List

In addition to the routine list, six high frequency lists are also scheduled. These lists are sections of sewer mains throughout the District that have historically required additional cleaning. These lists are:

  • 1 month hydro-jet
  • 3 month hydro-jet
  • 3 month hydro-saw
  • 6 month hydro-jet
  • 12 month hydro-jet
  • 12 month hydro-saw

The entire collection system is also routinely televised. The television crew has a goal of 50,000 feet per month. Information from the television inspection generates additional cleaning as needed, and is used to set or adjust line cleaning frequencies.

When all cleaning lists are completed, and television goals met, the Collection Department will clean over two (2) million feet of sewer main per year. That’s nearly 380 miles per year.

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