Oro Loma Sanitary District: Innovation Powered by Great People

Duration: 2 minutes, 37 seconds

Oro Loma Sanitary District is undeniably an innovator when it comes to wastewater collection and treatment. But what really sets the District apart are the amazing people who work at Oro Loma to make this happen. Here’s a quick look at our story in this short video.

How to Recycle Tips

Duration: 38 seconds

Reducing waste and recycling whenever possible is good for our community and the environment. Always put clean and dry glass and aluminum in the recycling bin. This video covers what i is recyclable and other helpful recycling tips.

What to Flush Tips (Think the 3Ps)

Duration: 46 seconds

Did you know that dental floss can clog your toilet and cause damage to your sewer line? This video from Oro Loma Sanitary District offers tips on what can be flushed down the toilet and what should never be flushed.

How to Compost Tips

Duration: 44 seconds

Did you know that green waste like yard trimming and food scraps can go into the green bin to create compost? Composting reduces waste and helps the environment. This video from Oro Loma Sanitary District offers tips on what is compostable and how to compost.

Recyclables and Compostables: Think Before You Toss!

Duration: 15 seconds

Oro Loma Sanitary District says Think Before You Toss! Put recyclables – like bottles and cans – in the recycling bin and compostables – like food scraps and grass trimmings – in the green bin. Let’s all reduce what goes into the landfill.

Pollution Control Video Tour

Duration: 6 minutes, 28 seconds

An overview of the Oro Loma Sanitary District waste water system. Learn about the pipe infrastructure, the waste water facility, and how waste water is processed before being discharged into the bay.

Oro Loma Trash, Recycling, and Organics Services

The two videos below give an overview of the Oro Loma Sanitary District trash, recycling, and organics services. Learn what you need to do for collection, where it goes after collection, and who to contact if you have questions. The first video is an abbreviated overview, only one minute and thirty-four seconds long. The second video goes into a bit more depth and is six minutes long.

Abbreviated Overview – Duration: 1 minute, 34 seconds

In-depth Overview – Duration: 6 minutes

Important Numbers

(510) 276-4700 Oro Loma Sanitary District Office 24/7 Emergency Response

(510) 613-8710 Waste Management of Alameda County

(877) STOPWASTE Alameda County Recycling Hotline

(800) 606-6606 Alameda County Household Hazardous Waste

Our Facilities

Oro Loma Facility Tour Video

Watch Our Virtual Tour!

See what happens inside a Wastewater Treatment Plant and how we protect the San Francisco Bay.

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