New Statewide Mandatory Organics Waste Collection Goes into Effect January 1, 2022

Understanding the Requirements of SB 1383

What’s Next?

In the coming months, Oro Loma will be revising the solid waste collection program to comply with the requirements of SB 1383. This will include updating public informational materials, container colors, labeling, etc. Should you have questions about SB 1383, please email us at

What is Included in Organics?

The CalRecycle definition of “organic waste” includes food, green material, landscape and pruning waste, untreated wood, paper products, and printing and writing paper.

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What goes where organics, recycling and trash

What Does This Mean for Our Customers?

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ALL customers must subscribe to organics (green waste) and recycling services.

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All organics and green waste must be kept out of the trash (landfill).

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Potential penalties may be charged for not having the required services.

New carts, which comply with the state mandated colors, will be provided to customers.

Need More Information?

State Waste Sorting and Subscription Requirements
State Contamination and Monitoring Requirements
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